"Word from SOTO"

Hello all you SOTO fans & friends!

USO Tour:
September 4th 2005, we fly out to Europe to perform for our US Troops serving our country abroad. We were going to Iraq & Afganistan, but because of the unsafe enviroment at this moment, the military is routing us to Germany, Italy, Bosnia, & Seriavejo. We thank you for your prayers on a safe trip.

We will keep you updated daily on our guest book.

New Years Eve 2005-06:
SOTO will be performing on the Island of GUAM at the Hyatt Regency Hotel. Guam is between Hawia & Asia. It will be around a fourteen hour flight to get there. We played their many times in the past and I can tell you that this is one of the most beautiful islands around.

SOTO New Years Eve Party:
We still want to celebrate new years with you all here in the States, so we are planning the SOTO New Years Eve Party on Saturday January 14th 2006. That is when we return from our trip and will be our first show back home

We will keep you updated on the venue and time within the next week or so.

Bruce & Artie Soto has been given a guitar endorsement. "Farnell Guitars" the new instruments we play. For those who always ask what kind of guitars do we play, check them out on the web www.farnellguitars.com
We are happy to bring you the CD you asked for. 
You wanted a live CD and now you have it!
Don't forget to pick up the new SOTO T-shirt also NOW AVAILABLE
LOTS of NEW pictures on the Live Pics link.

Thank you for your continuous support and we pray that our music and
performance will bring a smile to your face.